Drilling, filling seals, cleaning…what does that have to do with 3D?

Recently, our customer SIMtoCARE introduced its exciting device for training dentists at universities. It was impressive to see how helpful the combination of simulator and 3D screen is in dentistry! We really liked the device, the haptic feedback and the 3D views. How exactly does this work?

SIMtoCARE manufactures modern dental training simulators. With their dentist simulator, they support the dental education of future dentists at universities.

We once went through the procedures of a typical dental treatment with the unit ourselves and noticed: The future dental specialists get a good feel for how best to hold the syringe, drill and other dental instruments in their hands. You see everything in a natural 3D view: tooth neck, tongue, gums…The sometimes very difficult processes of dental treatment are optimally trained by the spatial depth effect.

The instructor can also record the process. This makes it easy to review everything together with the students and discuss corrections.

SimToCare had been looking for a comfortable solution for a long time and were delighted to find in us the world’s best 3D screen manufacturer – and all without the annoying 3D glasses.

We are thrilled with our customer’s innovative use of our 3D display!

Surely there are other productive applications of the 3D view?

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