3D digital microscope SCALEREO

SCALEREO is an eyepiece-less 3D digital working microscope. The patented glasses-free technology of 3D Global enables free working on the 4K 3D screen with ergonomic sitting position.

Users get a natural view and excellent object clarity. They benefit significantly from the glasses-free 3D experience: The depth of the object is optimally seen and „felt“ on the 3D screen.

Microscope technology: Glasses-free. Ergonomic. Innovative.


Free movement in front of the monitor due to real-time image tracking

SCALEREO Desk: Magnification factor infinitely variable up to 20x

Autostereo 3D monitor technology without 3D glasses

Unique 3D impression due to separate image information for left and right eye

Technical data

Convincing quality of hardware and software

up to 35.000 lx
Uniform LED illumination of the working area
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
Stepless up to 20x
(10x optical + 2x digital zoom)
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
Working distance
200 to 300 mm
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
Visual field
14 mm to 250 mm
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
25 Lp/mm, corresponds to 20 μm visible structure width
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
Depth of field
Depending on the setting of magnification and aperture - 3 mm to 20 mm
Depending on the used microscope system:
Zeiss, Leica or Olympus
3D display
4K (3.840 x 2.160
extremely high pixel density
13.3“ screen diagonal
Image tracking modes
fine, coarse, off, 2D forced
Viewing distance
approx. 50-80cm (ideal: 65cm)

3D core technology meets real-time stereo camera

Digital and in 3D without glasses Perform your precision engineering tasks even more carefully thanks to easy hand-eye coordination: The image is displayed in real time with minimal delay time.

This is a new level of true depth perception and natural view of your object:

  • Spatial Vision: Depth, distance and shape in perfect three-dimensionality
  • Digital on the screen
  • Suitable for spectacle wearers: You do not need any annoying

    special glasses, VR goggles, eyepiece or watchmaker‘s loupe

  • Large working distances and freedom of movement

Industry and science

Comparable applications to conventional stereomicroscopes Optimize your quality standards and achieve even greater efficiency. The SCALEREO enables you to do precision work in unprecedented high-resolution 3D.

  • Assembling & Gluing
  • Deburring & Soldering
  • Testing & Checking

Ideal for printed circuit board assembly, Solder joint inspection and rework

Suitable for the production of medical component

Helpful for inspection and quality assurance safety, machining and in 3D printing

Perfect for high-precision assembly and repair of small parts

SCALEREO Produktübersicht

Functional components

Reliable and with know-how

1) High-resolution glasses-free 3D display

  • Unique natural display thanks to innovative 3D technology
  • Integrated 3D image tracking for ergonomic sitting position and free working
  • Adjustable height and tilt angle

2) Central signal processing unit

  • Place on the table or mount under the table

3) Intuitive operating unit

  • Control of brightness, zoom and focus depending on intended use
  • Additional foot switch optionally available for SCALEREO Desk, for free hands when working

4a) SCALEREO Desk: Table microscope with 3D camera

  • Stepless zoom system with autofocus
  • Flexible ring lighting and lighting spots

4b) SCALEREO AddOn: 3D upgrade for existing optical stereo microscope

  • AddOn module is compatible with various existing stereomicroscopes, e.g. brands like Carl Zeiss, Leica or Olympus and others.

Two variants of an ingenious technique

Select your suitable SCALEREO 3D digital microscope

  • Innovative standalone microscope: depth-sharp, digital and in spatial 3D.
  • Instead of working in a bent-over position and looking through an eyepiece, you can now sit comfortably upright and enjoy outstanding 3D imaging on the 3D monitor

Easily upgrade existing optical microscopes to a digital 3D microscope without eyepiece using the SCALEREO AddON. The 3D upgrade is easy to install on all standard microscopes (with parallel beam path).

  • Remove the optical tube
  • Place AddOn module on microscope body
  • Switch on and
  • Continue working digitally and without tube on your familiar microscope with glasses-free 3D monitor
  • Ergonomic and comfortable upright posture with 3D view

From practice, for practice

Ideal for collaboration, education and training. Whether as a training microscope or in a meeting: You can share your knowledge and experience. At the same time, you and your counterpart can see important details and explain them directly on the monitor. Simply equip your classroom with it, for example.

By the way, with the SCALEREO you can also inspire your customers. Present your contact persons a unique 3D experience of your product and convince them with your know-how.

New level of collaboration for faster processes: Easily view, capture and share your 3D images in real time without geographical boundaries. With an additional 3D screen you can broadcast live images to different locations.

In the perfect light

Optimally illuminated for every application Innovative segmented ring light and lighting spots, suitable for low-reflection lighting:
Optimally illuminate the object via different lighting modes or continuously dim the illuminance to your desired brightness.

Adjustable modes for the SCALEREO Desk:
off, all, central, ring left, ring right, ring middle, ring all

Classic microscope with tube and eyepiece

Digital eyepiece-less 3D stereo microscope SCALEREO

Ergonomic work on the 3D screen

More comfort for better health at work. Our 3D microscopes enable an ergonomic sitting position, more comfort and less fatigue, especially for time-intensive work. No longer sitting bent over and working with back pain, do something good for your health instead. Users enjoy freedom of movement for body and head and can adjust the height and tilt of the display to suit their needs. The upright posture while working promotes well-being and concentration.

Invest in the health of your employees and thus in the future of your company: You benefit from day one of your investment, because healthier employees are happier and more efficient and ensure higher-quality work results and increased productivity.

Intuitive control via operating unit

Reach your destination at the push of a button. The SCALEREO enables a natural 3D-representation. A wide range of functions are available for your application.

  • ZOOM incrementally larger or smaller according to your needs. You can adjust the speed of the functions to your individual pace.
  • Change the FOCUS by moving the focus. Move the focus plane up or down.
  • You can also conveniently apply the AUTOFOCUS (only SCALEREO Desk).
  • Save easily and digitally images with quality defects for a complete documentation of your processes.
  • VIDEO or PICTURE are available for recording for this purpose.
  • FREEZE a specific 3D view to display it permanently.

Optimally integrated systems

The perfect solution for your applications After consultation and advice with our customers, we also offer customized solutions in addition to our standard products. We can draw on a large portfolio of existing components, which we can compile individually for you as a project solution and expand with special solutions for your application.

Our technical consultants are happy to advise you on the best choice of components for your project.

3D screens

  • Different sizes
  • With and without image tracking
  • Various carriers and mounting systems

3D cameras

  • With and without zoom optics
  • Different working distances
  • Autofocus or with fixed focal length


  • Various hand control units
  • Wireless Foot switch


  • Individual support system for optimal integration of our systems in your working environment possible.
  • Flexible support systems for e.g. lateral views

Calculation units

  • Suitable selection for your project, depending on the screens, cameras and controls
  • Connection of our computing units to your existing systems via various interfaces

Our claim

Our claim is to provide our customers with competent technical advice on our products. To this end, we provide you with the best possible support of our solutions in your work processes.

In addition to a live demonstration on site in your company, we also offer you the possibility to test our products via device loan systems. When purchasing one of our systems, we assist the integration into your company through employee training and ongoing support.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact your local technical advisor and refer to the FAQs on the website.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us. We would be happy to provide you with further details about our solution.

Experience unique
3D vision without glasses