Website/online shop on the pulse of time – with 3D Global Solutions Web-3D technologies

Using the latest 3D web technologies, we put your generated 3D product data on the stage for convenient 3D viewing on your website or in your web shop.

Our 3D Web Viewer can be used for individual products, as can 3D Web configurators, where 3D model variants and colours are displayed in a configurable way within the 3D view. The generated 3D Web Viewer can be embedded by any web agency with a few simple steps on your website or web shop.

High photorealistic level using the example of a single product presentation:

3D Web Viewer implemented as 3D configurator:

Just move the 3D object with the mouse or your finger. Zoom in by scrolling with the mouse. Click on the desired configuration with the mouse or your finger.

Sounds interesting?

Contact us. We would be happy to provide you with further details about our solution.