The integration of our filters into the LCD panels is called „bonding”. The 3D filter is mounted with high precision in front of the LCD screen at a defined distance. This bonding process is generally carried out by our customers as an additional step in the manufacturing process of the panel / display.

For smaller series in the range of 10-500 pieces , we also offer this filter bonding as a service, while we integrate our filters into the customer provided LCD panels. Depending on the application, one of the following two methods is used:

  • Edge-Bonding (also „AirGap-Bonding”)
  • Full-Bonding (also „Optical-Bonding”)

While the filter is peripherally attached to the edges of the LCD panel during edge bonding, the full-bonding process is a full-surface bonding of the filter onto the LCD panel.

Edge-Bonding (also „AirGap-Bonding”)

Full-Bonding (also „Optical-Bonding”)

Which depth-of-field application do you want to implement? Discover more applications of glasses-free 3D imaging in real time.


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