3D Online Shop – A New Era of Interactive Shopping?


3D Online Shop – A New Era of Interactive Shopping?

There is nothing in the field of online shopping that cannot be implemented in 3D. However, proper product presentation is especially valuable for certain products, as this helps to promote using things that don’t exist yet. 3D visualization offers many advantages in product marketing as well as product development that should not be underestimated.

A 3D configurator is also a great tool when dealing with very complex or highly customizable products. Visual depictions are always more appealing than long text that describes how an item works. And when dealing with engravings or different color combinations, a configurator equipped with 3D options is particularly useful. The customer can try things as they like and design their own product.

The hype surrounding product presentations in 3D is huge. Because anyone wanting to succeed in the current online business needs to be innovative and always up to date. Do you have to react now as a shop operator?

Advantages of 3D in online shopping

By implementing the configurator in your shop you create additional sales channels and a positive optimizing effect – not only in terms of ranking. A 3D configurator holistically serves the entire value creation chain of the offered item: From the customer’s product configuration up to the optimized production control of the offered item.

The 3D configurator generates photorealistic product visualizations on the basis of design data. This enables an almost infinite variety of products that can be calculated and visualized in real time.

A visualization of sales products in 3D not only reduces the costs of your marketing and advertising strategies, but also the time it takes to successfully launch a product on the market. Using absolutely photorealistic images, products can be tested and graphically advertised in advance. This way, the product can already be sold before its release date.

The item in 3D is depicted photo-realistically and can therefore be displayed in any desired position. In the shop, the product can also be varied at will in terms of its coloring, material composition and features. The customer can choose their favorite variant from endless possibilities.

Photorealistic, 3D product animations can also be created, which are particularly helpful to elucidate technical aspects or to explain particularly complex items in a customer-oriented way. Product films can also be visualized in 3D.

Interested parties can playfully approach the offered products, which has a positive effect on the time spent in the shop. It also plays an important factor in terms of ranking and hence your shop’s visibility in search engines.

Small batch numbers for desired offers can be implemented and, as a business, you have the means to fulfil bespoke customer wishes in no time without requiring cumbersome processes.

What can a 3D configurator do?

A 3D product configurator allows your shop’s products to be displayed in diverse ways and can be adapted according to varied customer wishes. 3D responds in real-time and every customer can easily configure their desired product online.

Using a 3D configurator, you are in a position to significantly improve and optimize your product marketing. At the same time, you can reduce your costs by accelerating the processes relevant to sales optimization.

Implementing a 3D configurator in your online shop not only creates an additional sales channel, it also generates holistic effects that optimize your shop. This starts with the customer configuring the product to automated and yet custom production processes up to the sales and marketing measures that become significantly less costly.

The web-based solution that embeds a 3D product configurator provides solutions that do without cumbersome adjustments on end devices. By integrating a 3D configurator, you will help to inspire your customers, stir emotions and collect revenue. 3D in an online shop allows every person to become an artist and product designer. Special programs become superfluous. In addition to these small playful functions, the certainty of the customer’s decision in favor of a specific product variation is also boosted.

3D printer and online shopping

A 3D printer is a way to optimally present product variants in your shop as well as items that do not yet exist. Using a 3D printer allows you to quickly and easily develop 3D print models for B2B customers, end customers, distributors and employees.

The development is increasingly moving towards a more direct, three-dimensional designing process. Products are also being produced with the help of 3D printers more and more. By now, there are already countless printers of this kind on the market, such as the printers by Zortrax, Raise 3D, Wanhao, Ultimaker, Xyzprinting and other models. The quality of the resulting print is very good and can be of great use as a prototype.

A 3D print starts off with a two-dimensional product in a 3D variant. Using resin and filaments, for example from Polymaker, or a plastic film from Buildtak, the item designed online is created using the 3D printer. There are significant differences in quality when it comes to the filament, as some filaments can still be changed or adapted after printing. This allows for ample creative space when developing a product.

Beide Varianten benötigen jeweils eine Nachbearbeitung, die aber einfacher ist, als das gesamte Produkt herzustellen. A modern hand-held scanner, for example, allows you to more easily visualize a product and accelerate the process. Both variants still require further finishing, which is still easier than manufacturing the entire product.

3D is indispensable for interactive shopping

Using 3D content in your online shop yields advantages without any significant drawbacks.

Strengthening the customer’s brand awareness is one of these advantages. The product lingers in their minds longer when using custom configuration options. At the same time, the customers stay in the shop longer, because they begin to enjoy configuring their own product. You can imagine the level of impact this has on your brand. In addition, 3D configuration benefits products that require explanation. It thus also increases the conversion rate and of course your sales.

With a 3D configurator, a CAD program becomes superfluous since the customer can easily configure the desired product and is guided through the navigation. Whether it’s rings, complex motors or different types of engravings on rings, cellphone covers or other items, anything can be custom-configured and made with different thicknesses (engraving). Plus, they can be viewed and compared at whatever pace to get the optimum result. All possibilities can be played through online. Plus, they can be viewed and compared at whatever pace to get the optimum result.This is especially beneficially for pieces of jewelry. Once the customer has custom-configured the entire product, the 3D printing can be carried out which finally produces the desired item.

Interactive shopping represents your shop’s future and success. These days, customers are seeking increasing customization options and enjoy the associated technology. Everyone wants to emphasize their individuality and is looking for unique things. The sooner you offer unique options in terms of product selection, the more your sales channels will be perceived as innovative and, in turn, the more positive your external image will become.

So come take a look at our offers in the field of 3D configuration. Without a doubt, a 3D configurator will innovatively enhance your shop and increase your sales. We are happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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